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East Barnby 2017

East Barnby 2017

Day 1:

On arrival at East Barnby we were equipped with the all-important (and very fashionable!) waterproofs, before setting off to the woods for shelter building.

The children worked really well in teams to design and then construct their shelters, with lots of creative design ideas from pathways to entrances, interior 'seating', to different roof types and even a 'flag' made of a red jacket! It has been a great start to our outdoor challenges, and there's a real buzz of excitement amongst the children for the activities in the week ahead.

In the evening, we played a 'hunt the alien' game to find 29 aliens all around the East Barnby site. The groups then decoded a message and two groups completed the task in less than 30 minutes!

We ended the day with hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows and spooky stories around the campfire, before settling down to bed at 9:30pm. A great first day! 

Day 2:

After a good night's sleep and a cooked breakfast, we got equipped with harnesses and helmets and set off for climbing.

The first part of the day was spent learning safety skills, roping techniques and practising footwork, agility and warming up ready for the roped climbs.

Everyone took up the challenge brilliantly, and most of the children completed several different climbs of varying difficulty. Teamwork was essential, not just in the physical belaying but also in giving advice and encouragement from the ground to the climber.

At the end of the day, the children commented on what they had learned, and their comments included learning to challenge themselves more, realising that they can do more than they first thought, and learning to believe in themselves.

Well done everyone! 


We ended the day with dry-slope sledging - great fun and a highlight of the week so far!

Day 3:

What a glorious day to canoe down the river to Whitby! We have had a full-on day, preparing the boats and equipment, learning paddling skills, canoeing along the river and down the weir... Lunch was on a river island before we set off against the incoming tide down to Whitby harbour. The East Barnby staff taught us all sorts about the river, wildlife, and the natural and human functions of the river and its history. We also played some exciting games on the boats and heard some stories and legends of the river.

It has been another great day, and the children have worked exceptionally well in teams and groups. The East Barnby staff commented that the respect and cooperation they have seen from our children today is well beyond what they normally see. So, well done again everyone! 

Day 4:

Today we visited Runswick Bay in the morning. Warm weather and low tide, along with our Team Titan enthusiastic young marine scientists, we found all kinds of interesting living creatures. The children found over 20 crabs, including lots of 'devil crabs' with red eyes, a range of starfish, hermit crabs, and several fish. The East Barnby staff were brave enough to collect two lobster. We brought back some of the creatrures to live in the seawater tank at East Barnby. After searching for live creatures, we went on a fossil hunt before having lunch on the beach and then heading off to beck scramble. Beck scrambling offered lots of challenges and opportunties for teamwork, and again the children were brilliant. The cool water was very welcome in the warmth of the afternoon too!

Day 5:

At the end of a glorious week here at East Barnby, we headed off to Brow Top for orienteering. Armed with orienteering maps and electronic dibbers, the children had the challenge of finding the various checkpoints and then running courses to aim for the fastest team time.  As with everything this week, the children were really focussed and showed great teamwork.

A big thank you to all the East Barnby staff for a great week fo adventure!