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Hampsthwaite Primary School – Literacy/English Vision


At Hampsthwaite Primary School we believe literacy and communication to be key life skills. We ensure all children are given the skills and knowledge to help them become effective communicators and we equip them with the spoken and written language to be effective learners in all areas of the curriculum. We understand that children will have varied interests in different aspects of English and we work hard to help each individual enjoy this area of the curriculum and be engaged and inspired. We are aware of some of the children’s preferences and opinions linked to aspects of English and because we know them as individuals we can ensure that the curriculum can be tailored to suit the child where possible, ensuring children have opportunities to be creative. We provide the children with a range of experiences and tasks to help them progress in English, taking account of all learning styles and preferred ways of working, recording etc. As a staff we use ongoing assessment to ensure we can meet the needs of all children. Children are encouraged to reflect on their individual learning experiences and achievements and to talk about their journey with adults and peers when reviewing their learning.


Visit our 3i pages to learn more about our intent, implementation and impact of English across school.