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Hampsthwaite Primary School - Maths Vision


At Hampsthwaite Primary School, we believe that children should experience the awe and wonder of maths as they learn to solve problems; develop ways of looking at patterns; discover efficient strategies and make links between the different areas of maths.

At Hampsthwaite we believe maths is a universal language; it helps us to describe, make sense, investigate, understand and respect our ever-changing world. Maths is used to open the children’s minds to the wider world.

We try to make our maths ‘real’, making our learning and experiences relevant to everyday life and helping us to support our children.

We encourage children to use approaches, which work for them, respecting that children learn in different ways. We equip them with a range of effective strategies, ensuring an understanding of them, irrespective of children’s differences.

At Hampsthwaite, we aim to make maths an exciting and varied experience, to enable children to flourish and achieve.


Visit our 3i pages to learn more about our intent, implementation and impact of Maths across school.