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Power-Down Pete visits school

We welcomed Power-Down Pete into school, to help us learn about looking after our planet, saving energy and cutting down on waste. Super-hero Pete explained how we are running out of space for landfill, and that the oceans are gradually filling up with plastic waste.

He showed us how we can all make a difference to the future of the planet by the way we deal with our waste. Re-use and recycling were a big feature here – and Pete showed us a pencil case made out of car tyres, pencils made from paper, playground safety surface made from chopped up old trainers, and even a poo-plane of paper made with purified elephant waste (which actually flew very well across the school hall!)
In classes, children listened to environmental stories, sorted out materials for recycling, visited the school compost bin, and Y5/6 made their own mini compost wormeries – yes, with real live worms in!

He also met with our eco-committee, who had the chance to do an energy survey with heat-detector sensors before meeting up to plan what we can do next as a school to make a positive difference for the environment.