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Team Phoenix



It is now Sunday 29th March and our prime minister, Boris Johnson, has instructed us to stay at home as much as possible. This is to reduce the amount of human contact and therefore reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus. 


I do hope you are all enjoying some family time and also doing some home learning. 


It felt very strange in school last Thursday, with only a couple of children in for the day. 


The teachers are staying in touch with each other, as I'm sure you are keeping in touch with some of your friends via modern technology. 


Take care everyone. 

Best wishes, 

Mrs B. 

Welcome to Team Phoenix!


Team Phoenix is our Y4 class. We like to investigate interesting learning themes including 'WE ARE NOT AMUSED!' - a topic about Victorian Britain, 'OUR LOCAL HG AREA' - after learning about the five HG postcode areas, we plan a tour and hold a debate about controversial plans; and 'ANGLO SAXON BRITAIN' - we look forward to meeting Paddy Hinton, our visiting Anglo Saxon during the summer term! We have links with Henshaws  Arts and Craft Centre in Knaresborough and often raise money for this worthy charity. We also help as librarians in the school library every Tuesday and support various groups across school. 


Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.



Is it really spring? The weather has certainly been wet! 

So, what have Team Phoenix been doing in the second term of the year?



Team Phoenix has been exploring the local area, developing geography skills and knowledge. The wonderful 23 pupils split into five groups and each took one of the HG postcode areas. 

The overall aim was to plan a tour of the HG area, identifying key places of interest and gathering opinions about the land use and how it has changed over time. 

The outcomes: 

* write a leaflet/information text about the HG area

* use photographs to support landscape art projects

* understand the topographical features of the area

* identify the main roads, rivers and postal towns

* produce a 3D map (using Modrock) to piece together like a jigsaw of the area

* hold a debate with the parents to address controversial planning possibilities


The children have been totally engrossed in the project and 'owning' their learning. 


It is with sadness, that due to the Coronavirus, we have needed to postpone the tour. I will share some geography ideas on the learning platform so you can see the objectives and support learning from home. 




On return from The Hydro and an energetic swimming session, Y4 settle down with their lavender beanbag and cushion to relax and take time to consider their inner-self. Mrs B. sometimes reads to the children or they listen to a recorded mindfulness story. Breathing is always the key focus of the session. Mrs B. has noticed just how settled the children have become over time. 







In the Autumn Term 2019, year four headed to Ripon and visited three fabulous museums to support our learning about the Victorians. 


The Courthouse

Children took on the roles of judge and jury to re-enact a scene from the 19th century. They looked amazing and so authentic in their costumes and took the whole case very seriously indeed!


The Police and Prison Museum

Luckily, we all behaved ourselves in here - no one fancied becoming friends of the Sinkler brothers! Our characterful police officers certainly put a few people in their places!


The Workhouse

What a super museum! The children performed a range of tasks from gardening and sewing to handwriting in the school room and polishing the silver. 


The timeline we have in the classroom identified many historical occasions - I wonder if you can remember any of them....